Sundara Media was created around one simple concept, to help businesses thrive.

Running a business can be time consuming and stressful, especially if “Design website” is on your to-do list.

It's easy to get stuck with a large project such as this instead of focusing on what is important, growing your business.

That's where Sundara Media comes in.

Let me take this daunting task off your plate so you can get back to doing what you love, creating a successful business. 

Now, let's talk about expectations.

What can you expect by working with me?

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Meet the woman behind the screen

Hey passionate entrepreneur, my name is Casey the owner and operator behind Sundara Media. 


I create beautiful websites for business owners who want to grow their business and build an online presence.

But I am much more than that.

I’m an animal lover (you’ll always find me volunteering to help animal causes), wanderlust seeker (what's next on your travel bucketlist? I have my eye on Costa Rica) and have a passion for design, organization and support. 

Let's work together and create some magic.

You deserve it.


What’s Next?

Instead of spending countless hours researching how to build a website without much traction being gained, hand off the task to a professional who will transform your ideas and make them a reality.

Secure your spot in my design calendar so I can begin creating a customized website centered around your business and what it needs most.